I was asked to review this book, and admittedly, my first reaction was, ugh, another Lyme/MECFS/Fibro book. But then I started to read it and realised it was actually quite good! Rather than forcing myself to read a certain amount per day, I actually whizzed through it and picked up some new ideas and tips myself despite having already been around the chronic illness block a few times! I wasn’t paid to write this, so you can be assured this is my honest view – although if I thought it was a bit crap, I just wouldn’t have written the review!

Suffered Long Enough Cover Lyme ME CFS Fibro

Suffered Long Enough
A physician’s journey of overcoming Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, & Lyme

After a lifetime of suffering unexplained fatigue, muscle and joint pains, OB/GYN physician WIlliam C Rawls MD struggled to keep up with his workload. He then had a tick bite with a rash, the symptoms worsened and started to include worrying heart complaints.

Dr Rawls went through the usual hoops with mainstream medicine and tried out various drugs to help ease his symptoms, but he became frustrated with the mainstream’s lack of interest in finding the root cause of his poor health and decided to embark on his own journey of discovery with the aim of not only healing himself, but helping others to heal from chronic fatiguing conditions.

He became certified in holistic medicine and opened up his own practice in this field, all the while following his own herbal protocols.

“One of the problems of medicine today is absolute reliance on pure science – it’s commonly called evidence-based medicine. Proponents of evidence-based medicine base all conclusions about treating disease strictly on scientific evidence alone – logic really plays a very minor role. Because science is never absolute and never all-inclusive, evidence-based medicine is often very limited in scope. It can even lead to erroneous conclusions. Generating scientific evidence takes lots of time; therefore, evidence-based medicine evolves extremely slowly. Because there are so many gaps in understanding diseases like CF/FMS, conventional medicine has not accumulated enough evidence to treat them properly.” – Dr Rawls

Dr Rawls is a breath of fresh air, a mainstream doctor who can see the bigger picture of holistic wellness. He has an understanding that fatiguing conditions are likely to be caused by multiple complex factors such as environment, lifestyle and a mix of low virulence chronic infections and that a one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work.

The book is packed with useful tips on nutrition, detoxification and basic plans for supplements and herbal medications. It’s written in layman’s terms and aimed at patients but has enough detail to satisfy even the most untrained but curious scientifically minded individual.

Dr Rawls’ perspective is that of someone suffering from mild to moderate dysfunction and more severe or complex cases may need a more tailored plan and further support from qualified healthcare practioners. However, I’m sure this book will quickly earn a reputation for being one of the quintessential reads for patients with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and other fatiguing conditions.

Available on Amazon, VitalPlan.com, Amazon Kindle and select local USA retailers.


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