So, hypothetically, there you are, on Facebook…. because you spend a sizable proportion of your life on Facebook, what with being too ill to work or leave the house much. There’s the usual display of attention seeking behaviour, angry rants and a petition to sign on the latest Worst Injustice Ever. Then someone posts something about someone they dislike doing a Bad Thing and that they’ll ‘Get what’s coming to them’. “Karma’s going to sort it” apparently.

revenge karma cat
FYI this isn’t karma, this is revenge.

See now this sounds all well and good. Us humans like the idea of cause and consequence, we like the idea that if you do something wrong, you’ll be punished and balance will be restored. We like the idea that if you can’t punish someone yourself, it’s still cool – ‘Karma’ will do it for you. And not just do it justly, oh no. Karma will give them a massive helping of irony as a side dish. It goes the other way too, if you’re an all round brilliant person and do lots of great things, you’ll be rewarded in some fashion, either through good luck in this life, or an all you can eat buffet of your wildest dreams in heaven, if you subscribe to that sort of thing.

But if you think a bit further and follow the logic through, it ends up with; if something awful has happened to you, through no fault of your own, then you must have done something AWFUL previously. Because that’s how the balance works right? So basically everyone who’s sick and suffering are awful human beings who have committed some kind of atrocity? No? Well you can’t have it both ways. Either karma exists for good and for bad, for everyone, not just people you think have been suitably deservedly good or bad, or it doesn’t exist at all. Basically, if you’re saying, ‘yeah he deserved to fall off a motorbike because he’s an asshole and that’s what you get for being an asshole’, then it’s not karma doing the judging, it’s you.

Us spoonies are suffering and have had our lives turned upside down. Did we deserve it? No. This isn’t karma giving us what we deserve, this is just bad luck. We drew the crappy straw with genetics, or environment, or just some totally unlucky random event happened, and boom, our lives are down the toilet. It’s not karma, it’s life. Life isn’t balanced and neat and fair. Life is random and harsh.

If I confronted someone when they talked about someone getting kicked by karma, whether I also deserved what’s happened to me, I’m 100% sure they will say no. That this situation isn’t karma. Nope. Karma is universally fair, but somehow selective in their minds.  Which makes as much sense as a clapping T-Rex.

Funny T-Rex Picture happy clap

So next time someone talks about karma and someone deserving good or bad things to happen to them, just remember, karma doesn’t apply to the chronically ill. 😉


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