Let’s face it, those of us who are chronically ill spend a lot of time online or using technology in some way. We use it as entertainment while we’re resting or to socially to connect with our friends or disease community.

There are also a range of apps that can help us manage our illnesses, spot patterns and improve our lives that tiny little bit and the best thing is that a lot of them are free! I’ve trawled the internet (I have a lot of time on my hands) so you don’t have to. Here’s what I’ve found. Please let me know in the comments what you think of your health apps and if there are any good ones not already listed!

App Acne. Heh.
App Acne. Hehe.

Symptom Trackers

Sleep Trackers

  • SleepBot – For Apple and Android. Tracks your sleep pattern, records your movement and sound throughout the night with a ‘smart’ alarm for the morning.
  • SleepTime – Apple & Android.
  • Sleep as Android. (For Android only, obv.)
  • Sleep Cycle for Apple & Android.

I would also recommend looking into those super new-age wrist bands like the FitBit as they would probably be more accurate than using apps on mobile devices.

Sleep Aids

IBS Helpers

  • Chron-O-Meter for Android & Apple – Helps you make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals while on restricted diet.
  • Patient.co.uk IBS symptom tracker for Apple and Android.
  • GI Monitor for Apple and Android.

Specific Diets

apps2Alternative diagnoses for symptoms

Isabel – for Android – the software that doctors use in complex cases to find alternative possible diagnoses is now available for everyone. Using everyday language you can input your symptoms and it’ll give you a list of possible diagnoses and links to information about each one.

Remembering Stuff

  • Medisafe. For Apple and Android. Its reminds you when to take pills and also tracks what you’ve taken. You can input how many tablets you have in stock and it will tell you when you reorder.
  • Dosecast for Apple and Android. Medication reminders.
  • Color Note for Android – coloured post-its and lists.
  • Voice recorders for Apple – Voice Record Pro, Audio Memos
  • Voice recorders for Android – Smart Voice Recorder, Cogi
  • AskMD – for Apple and Android. Allows you to keep a list of your symptoms, medications and other details in one place.

Finding Doctors (USA based)

  • Doctor on Demand – for Apple and Android “App that enables you to video chat with a doctor for $40. Doctors are able to diagnose, treat and prescribe certain medications. Right now, the app is available in 30 states.”  Sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me, but might be worth a look.
  • ZocDoc – Finding doctors locally that are in your insurance network. Also can see reviews and book appointments.
  • eHealth Mobile – for Apple and Android. Compare health insurance and comes with a glossary to help you figure out all those confusing health insurance terms.
  • iTriage – for Apple and Android. Links symptoms directly with finding a doctor for those symptoms.
  • Better Doctor for Apple. Find a doctor based on reviews and medical training/background. Or use their desktop site to find information on procedures including cost.


NB. I haven’t been asked to or paid to promote any of these apps. Nothing I have written is medical advice, and I don’t think you should be taking what an app says as the gospel truth either really… ! Happy Apping!


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