Divorced, Diseased & Dangerous.


“Despite struggling with Lyme disease and a scary collection of co-infections, Louise Dean is a force to be reckoned with. She co-founded Lyme Disease UK for fellow sufferers, she has raised awareness of chronic Lyme disease in the UK national press, and her blog Divorced, Diseased and Dangerous continues to grow its worldwide following for its inimitable blend of humour, moral support and practical advice.”

Veronica Di Grigoli’s introduction to my piece “Gut Issues” in I Hate Ticks.
She also writes a highly successful blog ‘The Sicillian Godmother’.



“As a long time fan of Louise’s writing, I was so excited when she decided to take things up a notch and launch a new blog! Louise’s writing shoots from the hip, it’s refreshingly honest and relateable and has the ability to make me laughcry (yes its all one word – I had to invent it after becoming an avid reader of Louise’s work!)

Those who live with chronic illness will love it, those who want an insight into a friend or family members life with chronic illness will love it – those who just like a good read of some cleverly crafted paragraphs will love it……upshot is – go visit Divorced Diseased & Dangerous – you’re gonna LOVE IT!”

Laura Brown – LauraLymeFundraiser




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